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Luke Evans does BuggerAll

Distracted by work obligations and the arrival of my second child, AustralianBlogs and BuggerAll bore the brunt of my neglect in the last few months.

However, things kept simmering along with the fabulous Sara Goldstein who kept a steady ship at the Sydney Weblogger meetup (now up to 124 members!) and the quite unreal Mick Real even found time to help me kick off the Brisbane Weblogger meetup (21 members!).

Having had a nice break (and being re-introduced to baby-induced sleep interruptions) I am re-energised and have begged Luke Evans – gun web designer to join the team. I’m excited to have him on board and we’ve mapped out a bunch of really exciting things to bring to AustralianBlogs.

A trashtalking hobbit trapped in the body of a profanity-impaired web designer, I look forward to being his biggest pain in the arse.

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