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i luv youse awl


When you’re a new website, every link is gold. But when you are a volunteer-outfit, every recommendation is like receiving an organ donation.

Thank you to Yaro Starak, Darren Rowse, Duncan Riley, David Wallace, Trevor Cook, Olaf, Donna Hamer, David M, Shane Williamson and Dion (+ Kay Smoljak, Malcolm Lambe, David Jacobson, Daryl Cook, Tony Goodson and Jozef Imrich).

Thanks also to all who dropped me an email during the week. I have re-read many of these emails (it’s much easier than visualising in front of the vanity). Your kind words give us strength.

Thanks to Genevieve Tucker who helped knock up the HELP page (even though she had to re-post her blogs twice…and still got it wrong…….your secret’s safe here heheh)


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  2. genevieve

    Glad to provide some strength. I’ve also recommended this to the New Librarians mailing list at ALIA. So get ready for more free advice…I’m sure they will be kind though.

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