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Exceeding customer expectations to provide a better service

Meeting customer expectations is a difficult element of customer service, and one that will require work to get right. Part of the reason why this can be such a complex area is down to the fact that it is a multi-step process, and one that has to be factored in at every stage of the customer journey. The challenge of not just meeting, but exceeding, customer expectation is one where the majority of business believe that they are competent, only to find that their customers don’t agree. When 80% of companies are under the impression that they provide quality service, but only 8% of consumers agree that they get the best level of that same service, then you know that there are discrepancies between assumption and reality. If you want to commit to exceeding customer expectation, then consider these three essential starting points.

Building that customer connection

It used to be that in order to establish a long-lasting relationship with customers, all you had to do was be based near them geographically. Nowadays, the friendliest and most efficient customer service is going to be ineffective if you are not connected to your audience. There are many effective ways to strengthen your connection with your customers, but your priority should be on building relationships. You can do this very effectively by using content marketing strategies. The concept of content marketing has become the most important element of any modern marketing strategy, and if you can ensure that your content is going to be high value and demographically targeted, then your business is going to be better able to establish those all-important connections and build a loyal base of repeat customers.

Provide choices that they want

This isn’t about expanding your clothing line or increasing the number of products that you sell. It’s about letting customers interact with you and buy from you in the ways that they prefer. This could mean that you simply have to have that Facebook page, as your market research has indicated that your target demographic are most likely to be on that platform. Choice is most important when it comes to the buying process, and one of the major causes of shopping cart abandonment is down to a lack of payment options. Consumers want to be able to pay quickly, easily, and in the manner of their choosing, and if you can’t provide those methods then they will simply look elsewhere. Make sure that you are set up for cash, credit card, and maybe even cryptocurrency payments, no matter which shopping avenue your customer happens to be using. You can even connect your brick and mortar outlet to your website by clicking here and investing in a linked point of sale app that will update your stock inventory and streamline your ordering process.

Building the best team

It’s an established fact that your employees are your most valuable resource. Always commit to giving them the right training, and ensure that everyone in your business is fully aware of not only the products that you sell but the mission statement, branding, and values of the company as well. One additional area to consider is the removal of customer service scripts. Allowing your customer-facing employees to interact naturally will have surprising effects on your potential to exceed customer expectation, and your workforce will be happier as well.

In a highly competitive business landscape, the challenge is on to provide the products and services that consumers want, while ensuring that you go above and beyond their expectations. Aim for the WOW factor, and your business will show positive gains as a result.


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