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Australians: Beware Of Scams

Phishing scams are increasing – Australians need to be careful with their data.

Aussie pearls are a royal favourite!

Meghan Markle counts Paspaley Pearls as a favourite, according to Australian Vogue. Aussie, Aussie, Aussie!!!

Ultimate Edge Communications Wins 2018’s Best Christmas Ad for RedBalloon campaign

Ultimate Edge Communications has achieved the perfect result to deliver this year’s best Australian Christmas campaign. Cubery, a tech-driven research and insights agency, has tested the effectiveness of 13 leading Christmas campaigns and discovered this festive season, one ad stands head and shoulders above the others. They made a list, checked it twice and named […]

Ultimate Edge Communications – 12 Days Of Christmas RedBalloon Campaign

Want to win a RedBalloon gift certificate? Check out the campaign on KISS 1065’s Kyle and Jackie O show. Click on the link to listen in! RedBalloon – Day1 – Harbour Bridge Climb This is just one of many of Ultimate Edge Communication‘s exciting client Christmas campaigns!

Father’s Day Campaign – In True Blue Aussie Style

Every once in a while “you know you’re Australian” when you see an ad that with our unique sense of humour. Ultimate Edge Communications hit the nail on the head for Red Balloon’s recent Father’s Day Campaign.

Can you wear headphones while you drive in Australia?

Have you ever wondered if you can  wear headphones while you drive in Australia?  It actually depends on a few things. Click the hyperlink to make sure! Whatever the rules might be, stick to the principle that you should be alert and aware of your surroundings while driving. Better safe than sorry!

How to find lost money

The Australian government is trying to help (you) find money in lost or forgotten accounts. Click on the hyperlink to see if you have a hidden treasure somewhere unknown! A friend recently found $2,000 in a ‘trust transfer’ account following a real estate transaction she did more than 10 years ago! Happy hunting!

Are there kangaroos in Sydney…?

Yes, they even cross the Sydney harbour bridge… Don’t believe me? Click here to see a kangaroo crossing the Sydney Harbour Bridge!

Australian Study On Mental Illness And Exercise

If you know anyone with mental illness, check out this recent Australian study that suggests exercise to reduce the consequences of mental illness. Every source of inspiration can help!

Gun Culture In America Compared To Australia

Australians will always struggle to understand the US guns laws (or lack thereof). The video below partially explains why.

Squash Statistics Infographic released by Sydney Squash Academy

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA, October 14th 2017, In celebration of World Squash Day, The East Coast Squash Academy is excited to release the most all-inclusive infographic of squash statistics representing the history of squash, its massive global appeal, fun facts and interesting trivia.The Squash Statistics Infographic compresses 187 years of the sport’s history into exciting bite-size morsels […]

Why Australians Will Never Understand US Gun Laws

Click here to see a great article on Why Australians Will Never Understand US Gun Laws.      

Why is Father’s Day in September in Australia?

Ever wonder why Father’s Day is in September in Australia? Click the link to find out why! What to get your father a nice gift? Give him a floatation therapy session!    

Australian Departure Cards Scrapped!

Believe it or not Australian Departure Cards have been scrapped! Who used to read them anyway?!?! Finally some efficiency improvements to International Travel! Believe it or not, passports might be NEXT… Click on the hyperlink to read the full story!    

Australian Census 2016

The new 2016 Australian Census is out, click on the hyperlink for further details. Interesting…

Australian school bans clapping to protect sensitive children

Is this what modern society has evolved to? We can’t applaud in public? Leave your comments below -BUT DON’T TYPE TOO LOUD!

Australian Turtles

If you want to see Australian Turtles – Guaranteed, you have to visit the Great Barrier Reef, in Queensland! Click on the image below to find out where to go!      

World Class Squash Player Comes To Sydney

Madeline Perry Signs with East Coast Squash Academy Sydney, NSW, Australia (19, January, 2016) – The East Coast Squash Academy is proud to announce and welcome Former World #3, Madeline Perry, as the Academy’s Head Professional. Perry will be responsible for managing and coaching a variety of programs at both Willoughby Squash Club and Bondi […]

Australian Squash Creates A Buzz In New York City

Sydney, NSW, Australia (29, January, 2016) – Believe it or not, Australian Squash Clubs are thriving. The East Coast Squash Academy’s founder and managing director Aaron Frankcomb recently attended the Tournament Of Champions in Grand Central Station in New York City and was pleasantly surprised by the positive buzz about Australian squash. “The pros on […]

Australian fibromyalgia research explores the benefits of floatation therapy

Great news for fibromyalgia sufferers residing in Melbourne, Australia! Back in 2012, a Swedish fibromyalgia international research initiative shone a light of hope in the dark tunnels of this often confusing disorder. At first, the findings were met with some scepticism, but soon, as more fibromyalgia sufferers joined the study, the light got brighter. The […]