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With a smidge of embarrassment, I am somewhat proud to announce the launch of – the sister site to and focusses on showcasing local podcasts (both audio as well as the emerging video podcasts).

Why embarrassed? Well, it’s a straight copy of the AustralianBlogs site. Talk about code re-use!

Steve Noble was kind enough to query the importance of differentiating between:

# the URL for subscribing to the podcast
# the URL for the page where you read about the podcast
# the URLs for reading about individual recordings inserted into the podcast stream
# the URLs for listening to the individual recordings

We both decided that links to any of the above would be acceptable given that, at the end of the day, the user would recognise the difference (and People Power would determine the most appropriate usage).

We also discussed the importance (and weaknesses) of tagging. Again, Steve has kind enough to point me to another local blogger, Donna Maurer’s post “When tagging doesn’t work – a comparison of two sites“. Fantastic post which crystallises some of our recent experience with tagging on AustralianBlogs.

A big thank you to Yaro, again for his support.

Richard Giles and Duncan Riley, both of whom listened courteously without bursting into laughter.

Also, thanks to Cameron Reilly for helping spread the word amongst the TPN team; and the Port80 guys (esp. Kay Smoljak) for being the best focus group ever + Mick Real for his help with the great link images.
Podcasting in Australia is more popular than I had expected. I spent an hour testing the site by submitting the ABC/Triple J podcasts myself but since the soft launch on Anzac Day, we have zipped along to over 70 listings.

I would encourage all our users to submit the bookmarks to their favourite local podcasts – you don’t necessarily have to be the podcaster to do so (though this would be fantastic) however I think it might be more beneficial to all if we got site traction quickly.

Local content for local audiences.

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