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5 Ways to Stay in Shape This Winter

Photo: 'Flying Cloud' Under Creative Commons License
Photo: ‘Flying Cloud’ Under Creative Commons License

The mornings are cold and dark, the nights are cold and dark – and if you’re not tucked away inside an office, you’re probably lamenting how cold and dark the daytime is as well. It’s easy to lose track of your health and fitness goals at this time of year, so here are five ways to stay in shape this winter!

Stretch out

Yoga is a great form of exercise designed to stretch the body and clear the mind – add heat to the mix for the ideal winter warmer that will keep you in shape all year-round!

As the name suggests, hot yoga is a style of yoga performed in hot and humid conditions. It’s tough going, but definitely worth the effort! All you need is a specially designed mat, which can be purchased from a specialist sporting retailer such as HART Sport. A word of advice: we recommend seeking the advice of a doctor or physician before proceeding with any changes to your regular routine, particularly when increased temperatures are involved.

Grab a Buddy and Get Moving

It’s much easier to stay motivated when you’ve got a ‘workout buddy.’ Choosing the right partner can be a challenge in itself – pick someone on the lazy side and you might inherit some of their bad habits; work out with someone whose fitness levels far exceed your own and YOU might be the one dragging THEM down. The way to go is to select someone with similar fitness and lifestyle goals and get exercising!

Hire some Help

If your friends aren’t the exercising type, then employing the services of a fully qualified Personal Trainer could be just what you need to stay in shape this winter. Do your research and don’t be afraid to trial a few PTs before you select one that suits you best. A decent personal trainer won’t come cheap, but it’s an investment that’s guaranteed to reap rewards.

Join a Sporting Team

Aussie Rules, football, rugby league, indoor soccer, netball, hockey – the list goes on and one … Australia is a nation that is madly in love with sport, so you won’t have to look too far to find a team that’s in need of a player or two. Regardless of your age, skill level and experience, winter sporting competitions provide a level of physical routine that will keep you fighting fit over the colder months.

Tackle the elements

Sometimes, the best way to deal with the winter blues is to tackle the elements head-on. We’re not suggesting you run head-first into a snowstorm or run along a dirt track in your speedos, but recreational activities such as mountain climbing, hiking, kayaking and bike riding are often more enjoyable in the winter months. Be bold, be imaginative and be daring – it’s a beautiful world out there, no matter what the season!

Winter might be cold and dreary, but that doesn’t mean you can’t stay in shape. Follow the list above and you’ll never experience an “off” season ever again!

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