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3 Real Estate Strategies to Quickly Sell a Property

Many realtors make the mistake of following the same tried and tested patterns each day, such as hosting an open house, adding properties to listings and putting a sign at the front of the property. Once they have done so, they will sit back and wait for an offer or two to roll in.

However, if you want to sell a property as soon as possible, you will need to develop a more proactive attitude. To ensure your success, read the following three real estate strategies to sell a property quickly.

1.   Target the Right Audience on Social Media

Many social media users are more than happy to share their milestones across various platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

For example, a user might announce:

  • A move to a big city
  • An engagement
  • Upcoming marriage
  • Pregnancy
  • Birth of their child

As a result, they are more likely to need a new property to accommodate this new phase of their life. For this reason, you should start advertising real estate on Facebook, targeting the many life events announced across your geographical area.

For instance, you could launch a paid advertisement for affordable apartments, targeting young professionals who have recently moved into the city.

2. Create a Floor Plan

An accurate floor plan can help a buyer to make an informed decision before viewing a property. Not only will it indicate how many rooms are featured across the home, but it will also allow them to gain a greater understanding of how they could move from room to room.

It can, therefore, be just as important as a high-quality photograph or a room description, yet many real estate agents fail to invest in the selling tool, which could help them to generate greater interest.

If you want to set your real estate business apart from your industry rivals and quickly sell properties throughout the year, visit Metropix ( to create a professional floor plan in a matter of minutes.

3.   Promote a Property Using Emotive, Persuasive Copy

If a property appears unattractive, worn or outdated, it is likely people will not queue up the block to make a seller an offer.

Selling a rundown property can be difficult, as photographs and a competitive price might not be enough to secure a buyer. For this reason, you must aim to promote the property using emotive, persuasive copy, which could spike a buyer’s interest, as they might want to unlock the building’s hidden potential.

For example, you could write “The large family home offers three spacious bedrooms and two bathrooms, as well as a rustic, light living room and a charming porch. While the property itself is less than a five-minute drive from the city’s finest restaurants, family-friendly attractions, and chic stores.”

If you want to ensure every property on your database quickly sells, hire an experienced copywriter to create attention-grabbing content, which will make buyers want to arrange a viewing and potentially make an offer.


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