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Pandora Squared - Business and Web 2.0 Consulting, Social Media Marketing, Software and Blogging

Pandora Squared - making invisble markets visible, we offer hope not hype 2.0. Business and Web 2.0 Architects and Development around conversation: Social Media Marketing, Social Networks, Blogging

Falkayn's Blog

A blog about business, marketing, code, software and Web 2.0.

Connecting Librarian

Librarian blogging about thoughts and discoveries in her public library in Victoria.

library sputnik

A renamed blog by Genevieve Tucker, turning slowly into a reblog of chunks of media, webtech, library and researcher's news. (Let's face it, the old name was 'orrible.) Library Sputnik contains a list of Australian writing links which can also be found at You Cried for Night (see right, under writing.)

fuzzy directions - the blog of

Shane's Place - Shane Williamson's murmurings from Australia on personal & 3G mobile interests.

Shane's Place is Shane Williamson's Blog on murmurings from Australia on personal & 3G mobile & wireless interests. Also discusses interesting aspects of Web 2.0 that have interactions with the mobile world.


information architecture, interface design, user experience and 2.0
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