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How to select (what) to sell online?Ecommerce is no longer a fad. People have begun using web sites to make purchases and ecommerce is pretty much a mainstay phenomenon these days. If you are a new e-tailer and looking at creating an interesting product mix, then you should consider the following parameters which can help you decide what to sell online:1) Standardized products have a good market online. For example, you don���t really need to examine a book or CD in order to ensure it is in good condition. Such pre-packaged products which can easily be categorized are an easy bet to sell online. The downside of course is that there are many people already selling these products on the internet!2) Fairly easy to package and deliver is also something which you would need to consider when choosing what to sell online. Complicated delivery processes of perishable items can result in a touch-and-go situation where you might incur business losses due to faulty delivery. Items which can be sent by standard post are one of the main areas to consider which choosing the products you will sell. 3) Unique but necessary. This might sound like an oxymoron but with the internet, the entire retailing experience is different. It is recommended that your product should be UNIQUE so that it can stand out in a crowded marketplace but also should serve a purpose so that people consider it important enough to buy it online. 4) Touch-and-feel products are difficult to sell online so avoid them as far as possible. Garments, food items or anything that requires the TOUCH factor may not sell easily. 5) GO digital. One of the easiest things to sell online are digital goods such as software, e-books etc. If you have a niche product in this category, you eliminate all the hassles of shipping and storage and can enjoy a growing market as well. Whatever you choose to sell, you must ensure that the product has a demand and you stand to make some good profits!