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Yoga is a wonderful way to integrate the body and mind in our spiritual journey. Without a healthy body, working on the mind can be challenging. Yoga is more than exercise; it's a healing discipline for the body and mind, both gentle and profound, and accessible to everyone. Even people who have physical challenges can participate, as yoga helps to re-introduce mobility and relaxation. The practice is easy and enjoyable, and no special equipment is required.On a physical level, yoga is a way to prevent disease and improve health. After a yoga session, people describe their body as feeling revitalised, warm, energised and relaxed. Numerous studies have documented the positive effects of yoga on various cardio-vascular diseases, diabetes, high blood pressure, digestion, kidney functions, bone density, and so on. Yoga is also well documented as improving energy and strengthening the immune system and many people have commented how problems related to fatigue and low-energy have been greatly improved.Most importantly, for meditators, yoga helps stabilise the mind. For centuries in India, yoga has been used as a tool to build the foundations for sitting meditation. By undoing blockages and allowing more fluid circulation of the internal energy (or prana), yoga increases our ability to fully inhabit our body and be present in every moment. People from all walks of life do yoga. Yoga is a happening thing!