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My blog is a psychology and self-help blog which includes both fiction based stories and life lessons to help people change their lives as well as leading edge thinking about anxiety, depression and medications. There are short stories based on famous sayings that provide life lessons to teens and young adults to help them change their lives for the better. I also talk about the controversial subject of the pros and cons of anti-depressant medications and coming off anti-depressants. Through personal experience as well as the experiences of hundreds of people who have written to me from all over the world, I provide insight into how to manage anxiety and depression in the most natural ways possible as well as the leading edge information coming out around the connection between nutrition and mental health. Understanding the pros and cons of going on, staying on or trying to taper of medications is something that is sorely lacking in the medical community. Helping people to change their lives and to improve their self esteem as well as achieve the best levels of physical and mental health is my major goal in writing this blog and sharing my 16 years of experience in the field of psychology and self-help. In addition, I provide recommended readings of some of the best psychology, spirituality and self-help books that I have ever come across.