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Cycle Tow Trail Gator in Ride for Asthma

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Earlier this year Mikaela and Jim participated in the Big Freeway Bike Hike to raise funds and awareness for Asthma.Mikeala and Jim completed the 10 Km Family ride with Mikaela and assisting and pedaling to help Dad all the way.Jim said Mikaela's help was most appreciated especially on the last 5 km as it was up a slight incline and the day had got quiet warm by then.At the end of the ride Mikaela and Jim took time to explore the Ride Village have sausage on a bun and Mikaela had her face painted. The Cycle Tow Trail Gator was parked all this time near the centre of village and attracted many many interested looks , especially from children. People are quick to realise how innovative the Cycle Tow Trail gator is it simply converts your current childs bike to a tag along trailer bike or some times kown as a trail a bike or tagalong. But the magic thing about the Cycle Tow Trail Gator is you can disconnect it while out riding Cycle Independently then reconnect when your child tires all tool free. Get one there