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Listen to what some of our current blog registrants have to say about the value of a listing on the Australian Blogs Registry.

“We saw a 23% jump in blog traffic within the first week and maintained consistent growth ever since.” – Bree Robbins, Top Dog,

Paddington Pups

“Our listing on Australian Blogs is one of our key social media strategies. It’s high ranking and excellent blog community presence helped our blog get the initial traction we needed.” – Gavin Buckett, Founder and Managing Director, The Gourmet Guardian,
“As a private jeweller, I am focused on high net worth individuals. When I launched my blog, I registered on Australian Blogs as part of my launch campaign and now have consistent sales generated from visits to my blog and website. It’s well worth the (small) investment.” – Sam Kritsotakis, Founder and Managing Director, Eskae Private Jeweller
“When we initially got into the blogging game, it was all new to us. The listing on Australian Blogs just seemed like a great idea, with no downside. Over the past 3 months it has added 1% to total Internet traffic with no effort required by us. This is on top of the improvement in our search engine rankings due to it being a high page rank site, which is impossible to measure, but it’s priceless.” – Ray Keefe, MD, Successful Endeavours
“The last thing I thought I would need to do as a dentist is to start blogging! Now that I am, I want to make sure my blog maintains and improves its position in the search engines. I can’t see a faster, quicker way to it.”– Dr Cary Fraser, Bay Dental + Orthodontics
“Free organic traffic is key to online marketing – An Australian Blogs listing makes sure that my blog posts get to the top of search results within days of being published.”– Christopher B. Marquis, Internet Marketer
“Google Adwords are too dear for arts and crafts niches with a community spirit and low (no) ad budgets.” – Janet T.

In closing, a listing on the Australian Blogs Registry is the fastest, least expensive way to create instant traffic to your blog.

The best recommendation we can make is to ensure that you have your primary keywords in your blog description – the words you think your readers are going to be searching for to get to your blog. The more specific they are, the better.

CLICK HERE to register your Australian blog now

By the way, this registry is ONLY for Australian Blogs – sorry!

A listing on Australian Blogs will help MORE
people find your blog in FREE organic searches.

If you’re like most bloggers, you want more readers, but don’t have a budget to get more traffic.
You certainly aren’t going to be using Google Adwords… So what other options do you have?

Not many.

That’s why a listing on Australian Blogs is so valuable – let me explain why.

  1. It has a PR 5 Ranking With Google. That is an incredible ranking – most Australian Blogs struggle to even get a PR 1 or PR 2 ranking. Page rankings are logarithmic which means a PR 5 site is A LOT better than a PR 4 site. Click on the hyperlink to check the Page Rank. With this high ranking, your blog’s ranking will rise which means more people will find it.
  2. Because it’s been around a long time, established way back in 2006, it means it’s highly respected by all search engines. Legitimacy is increasingly important as ‘black hat’ Internet Marketers try to cheat.
  3. According to Yahoo! Site Explorer, there are currently 79,658+ pages on registered in Yahoo!’s database.
  4. There are a total of 28,310+ external backlinks pointing to the domain.
  5. There are more than 3,512 Australian Blogs listed in the database.

Why is this important to you as an Australian blogger?

First, it’s the leading blogging site for Australia. If you have an Australian blog and you’re not listed, you’re rankings are just not going to be as high as they could be. That means fewer people will find your blog – especially Australians.

Second, if you’re smart, when you do register, you’ll make sure you optimise your blog description with SPECIFIC, long tail keywords so that you get the niche readers you’re after.

Third, dollar-for-dollar, this is the best, least expensive investment you can make to get your blog to where you want it.

Let’s face it, your blog is either a labour of love or a money-making machine. Either way, the $9.95 registration price is a drop in the bucket. You invest so much time and effort in your blog and if your traffic’s not where you want it, you need to do something. With limited options, this one’s a no-brainer.

Last but not least – have a read of the bloggers’ experiences with Australian Blogs above. Go ahead and take a look at their blogs. You’ll see they’re professional and value-packed blogs focused on their particular niche markets. You’ll be in GREAT company!

One of the BONUSES you get when registering with Australian Blogs is that we’ll keep you updated with news and insights you won’t easily find on your own.

Things like:

  • The 3 things you can do to your WordPress blog to get more subscribers.
  • How to arbitrage someone else’s ad budget to your advantage.
  • How to avoid the 3 blogging sins most part-time bloggers make
  • Special websites, hidden URLs and other resources that you would not come across in a million years – but need to know about right now.

These are distributed by email, behind-the-scenes, to subscribers only. They are not shared publicly via the blog.

Consider it an “insider’s perspective”.

Why do we do this?

Simple. We’re committed to Australian Bloggers. We want to help them be as successful as possible – without the hype of the indiscriminate spruikers who are after one thing – YOUR MONEY.

We want your loyalty, we’re tied to it with our links. When you list on Australian Blogs, search engines know the relative value of each link. The BETTER the blogs on Australian Blogs, the better everyone’s rankings… It’s a win-win-win proposition.

Who knows, you might even be able to submit a blog post on our blog as a GUEST BLOGGER… How cool would that be?

Search engines love that kind of legitimate relationship.

So there you have it – a handful of reasons why you should register your blog on Australian Blogs now.

Register today by CLICKING HERE.


Already registered your blog on Australian Blogs a few years ago? Well guess what? A second, newer, up-to-date listing won’t hurt. Search engines like to see more than just one link between sites.

Of course if you didn’t think of that – you really need to register. We’ll keep your blogging mind sharp and alert of opportunities like this, helping you think of quick and easy ways to get better results.

Sometimes it’s just one idea that makes all the difference.

One idea that becomes the catalyst that everything starts to flow from, like opening the floodgates of a dam.

One idea, like registering your blog on Australian Blogs right now.


What is a sticky link on Australian Blogs?

Understanding DoFollow Links:

DoFollow is simply an Internet slang term given to web pages or sites that are not utilizing “NoFollow.” NoFollow is a hyperlink value that instructs search engine robots and algorithms not to pass on any credibility or influence to an outbound link.

Originally created to help the blogging community reduce the number of inserted links into a “comment” area of a blog page, this hidden attribute is the typical default setting for blog comments that are not moderated by a human being. It helps overwhelmed webmasters disallow spammers from gaining any kind of advantage by inserting an unwanted link on a popular page.

How DoFollow & NoFollow Have Affected Link Building

As a result of the implementation of the NoFollow attribute, the process of building links has taken a steep turn. Many sites, including wikis, social bookmarking sites, corporate and private blogs, commenting plug-ins and many other venues and applets across the web began implementing strict NoFollow policies to cut spammers down at the knees so-to-speak. This makes effective link building difficult for both honest businesses and spammers alike.

As you’d expect, now makes DoFollow links the “Holy Grail” of anyone who wants to optimise their SEO. A DoFollow link is a key component of a collection within an off-site, off-page optimisation repertoire.

Don’t Get Me Wrong, NoFollow Links Aren’t All Bad

Let me be clear – there’s nothing wrong with getting NoFollow links. In fact, you’ll want to get your fair share of them. While they don’t pass on link juice, they do help associate your site with anchor text (the keyword phrase that makes up the URL pointing to your site).So that’s good.

They also increase the exposure of your site, overall, which may eventually lead to you getting more mentions via DoFollow links! So even though they are not as good as DoFollow, NoFollow links are not all bad.

A DoFollow link from a highly ranked, respected and well established site like Australian Blogs is much more valuable than a NoFollow link – that’s what you get when you register. We are no longer able to offer FREE NoFollow links.

There are just too many requests and frankly, we’re at the stage where we’ve earned the privilege to charge for the service that includes the additional bonuses.

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