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Creative Sanctum

A blog about reaching for meaning through art writing movement relationships.

Short Stories Posted Weekly

Short stories written fresh each week and delivered straight to the web.


Mother to three, wife to one, hag-ridden gorgon to many. I work full-time and cope part-time and cook, drink, knit and swear in between. Games of Root Shoot Marry are hosted on my blog every Friday night that I don't start drinking too early.

Museum of Fire

Dictated by happenstance and other elements outside my control: the realm of the incidental, the occasional, and the undernourished.

Miscellaneous Adventures of an Aussie Mum

The title pretty much says it all!

The Writers Manifesto Blog

A blog designed to help you make money by writing. Contains many useful resources and hints, as well as articles and more.

walking and falling

jenjen walks around, hitch-hikes to places, writes things down, occasionally falls over.

Rebecca James

mother of four boys writes about the joys of being a less-than-perfect parent, books, writing and the sometimes excruciating journey to publication....

the ramblings of L.M.Noonan artist + writer

painting sculpture photography writing digital art journal

Little Lead Pencil

A blog of dreary proportions; dull, uninteresting and Adelaidean.
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