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Office B!tch

Nine-to-five is a myth

Job and Interview Advice

A guide to getting that dream job. How to apply, interview questions and build your skills to improve yourself in the employment market.


Working mothers to six kids, wives to the Prof and the Chef, hag-ridden harpies to the rest. We blog together to combat the evil rage that spilled out when we blogged alone.

Elementary Funk

Freelancer chewing through marble and granite walls who then starts licking the brain splatter pastiches of comicbook, TV and theatre experiences.


Known to a close friend as Jellyhead but can be intelligent at times. Have dog, husband, 2 kids and a picket fence (really do have a picket fence, but it is kind of dirty yellow rather than white) and despite the cliche of this situation, I do really love my imperfect life. I work as a GP which can be wonderful and can be awful - like most jobs I guess. Would love to be a writer but lack the skill... blog will have to suffice

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