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About life in Marrickville, an inner city suburb of Sydney, written by a cultural studies scholar.

The InterChange Desk

Career change and Job search advice for the transitioning worker


the day to day life of a 22 year old male from Brisbane

Vox~Box {{

An on-line newsletter presented by OnVoiceOver

The High Seas

I want to sail around oz, this blog is my journey from now until launch date and beyond. I'll be blogging about sailing and about how I'm going about generating a passive income, and just general thoughts on life.

I Fucking Hate You

The ravings of an insane twenty-something male with too much time on his hands

Lingo Franko

stuff I think; better out than in

wasabi dreams

Canberra based blogger, includes technology and personal entries.


An Aussie girl's listing on equine related jobs and holiday possibilities around the world.

Virtual Assistant Blog

About the Virtual Assistant industry for VAs and for clients
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