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Life In A Pink Fibro

In December 2008, I took the plunge and moved 'back home' to the south coast of NSW with my husband and two boys in tow. Not to a glamorous farmhouse with picturesque cows and verdant pastures. Nor to a contemporary glass-and-steel sand castle beside pristine waters. Nope, I washed up in a pink 1960s fibro, slap bang in the middle of a not-city town. Here, I manage motherhood, freelance writing, my ambitions to be a novelist and the day-to-day getting on with it of life in a pink fibro.

@ Home Mum

Blog about the musing of an entrepreneur mum (mumpreneur). Follow in the adventure, trials and tribulations as I try to balance business, a husband and 2 children. I hope to also cover issues that are important to me including * Work at Home Mums - Employment and Mumpreneurs * Study at Home Mums * Campaigns and Issues affecting at Home Mums including Paid Maternity and Paid Parental leave * Activities for Kids * Childcare * Autism Awareness
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