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Moving to Sydney Forum is a social network themed about life in Sydney. Chat with Sydneysiders about life, employment, education, recreation and other facets of life in the nation's de facto capital. If you're overseas and are in the process of emigrating to New South Wales, then we've a thriving section of migration/visas as well as backpacking. The community is constantly expanding and we've recently given the forum a fresh new look and added many new features.

Emigrating to Perth

Discussion forum for expats living in Perth and for people thinking of moving to Western Australia. Talk about Australian visas and the big move down under. The site also features members' travel blogs, photo galleries, articles and a resources directory

Australia Migration Forums News

Chat and discussion about all aspects of emigrating, living and working in Australia. Discussion on where to live, the best schools, the jobs market, places to visit, the best places to dine out and much more.

Advantages and Disadvantages of an Australian 457 Visa from an employee’s perspective

Advantage to the employee. The 457 visa processing times are usually faster and less stringent than Permanent Residency visas allowing you to start work in Australia quicker and with less paperwork and medicals in many cases. Disadvantages to the employee. Your visa is tied to the company who has sponsored you meaning you cannot change company without applying for a new 457 visa and the visa being approved by the Department of Immigration.
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