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Only an amusement for me, really

Just random pictures and thoughts based on what I do for fun and occasionally for work. Some overseas travel, some swimming and some flying.

Norfolk Island: Get Over the Wave to the Tiny South Pacific Island Paradise

Everybody waves on Norfolk Island. Get over the wave and immerse yourself in a coveted community life where your visit is welcome and your senses exploited in the most natural and healthy way. And...don't forget to wave back. This is one family's lustful quest to ride the wave back to Norfolk Island again and again and again.

The Wandering Gourmet

The home of The Wandering Gourmet Club. The Wandering Gourmet is an international club based in Perth, Western Australia, interested in food, culture, travel and making new friends and strengthening existing relationships with each other.

Syrup & Tang

The musings, ravings and opinings of Melbourne (food)writer Duncan Markham. Food for thought, not just digestion.

Pickled Eel

Travelogue and diary and journal extracts though with other themes creeping in.

The Best beer from around the world

Blow the froth of a cold one, settle back & enjoy my stories and experiences with the oldest alcoholic drink on the planet.

Diario en Australia

This is the diary of a spaniard in Australia, good times and interesting stuff in this life down-under.

Sydney life


Two girls and a video blog down under.
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