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This Perth Life

Advice and information for people who want to live in Perth, Western Australia.

The Sun Shines & the Igloo melts

Black & White Street & Documentary Photoblog by an Australian expatriate travelling around Singapore, India, China, Thailand, Indonesia, Hong Kong & the World.

Trevor's Travels

My blog about travels in Australia, Nepal and Thailand. It includes articles about my favourite places in Australia.

bryce tanner - life in tokyo

aussie guy studying japanese in tokyo. (insert witty phrase). life on the other side sure isn't boring.

Blog Marco

Ramblings of a Photographer/Uni Student/Share Trader/Forex Trader about Sydney News, Current Affairs, Travelling, Technology, Photography, University, Celebrities and Life!

University in Bayreuth

An Australian living and working at the University of Bayreuth, Germany

Semantically driven

Writing about me, my son, my life (parts of it), my dog, my thoughts, stuff around me, my family history and my travels done in a previous life.

The Village

Sydney music photography, travel and musings.

soozs big adventure

A crafting, parenting, travel and general idle thoughts blog from a Melbourne mother
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