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Blogging Sueblimely

Helping my readers learn what they wish to know about blogging, blog coding and design and social networking


tech tips and productivity tips

Lifehacker Australia

Lifehacker Australia is a technology blog which offers tips, tricks and shortcuts for organising your day. Part technology guide, part productivity tool, Lifehacker is a guide to software downloads, web sites, DIY projects, how-to

How to live online

How to live online is an ultimate guide to the world wide web. It helps people to make a living out of the web - by providing information, entertainment, tips, hacks, tricks and more.

That Dress is Divine! Fashion/Shopping Blog

A personal blog with a shopping bent: photos, reviews, rants, raves and more! New entries every Wednesday and Sunday.

Photography tips and advice

Hints and tips for budding photographers.

Making Jewelry

Jewelry making website with ideas, techniques, methods and information to teach new jewelry makers as well as professionals


A how-to guide for online shopping based on my own experiences. Tips, tricks, advice, scams to avoid, you name it.


Snippets of hints, tips, and how-tos to assist novice computer users, especially novice Linux users.

ColdFusion Developer in Australia

Blog by ColdFusion developer on online applications development in ColdFusion.
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