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The Cerebral Mum

A blog. By a mum. Who thinks. About everything. Always.


Sightings and observations from a travelling man.

Musings on my (very) ordinary life!

A blog about me, my family, my life. Just me rabbitting on about, well, stuff!

The Wrong Advices

Random thoughts of a dot com orphan.


Aussie Gay Guy My Journey Taunts Fun Stuff & Hot Men

The Road Most Travelled

22 years old, moving quickly to Normalville. Who wants a hubby, two kids and a white picket fence? I do!

Erns' Thoughts

My almost daily look into the bible, and my thoughts on a passage. Also includes random going on in my life, as well as Random Top 5 shoutout for things that might or might not be interesting...


This Aussie blogger discusses and reports on matters of politics, news, philosophy and more. Aussie Blogs is Aussie made, Blogging Aussie style.

It's My Virtual Soapbox

The blog of an Australian University student. Random thoughts and music about life rule the roost here - pretty much a politics and religion free zone!
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