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It's a Mystery

Personal blog of a 22 year old girl living in Melbourne, Australia. Focusing on life, culture, art, writing, food, books and whatever else that takes her fancy!


Sarsaparilla is a group blog devoted to discussing books, writing, film and television, theatre and the performing arts, music, publishing, the humanities, reading, cultural studies, and

Random Brainwave

the crack addled ramblings of a psycopathic alcoholic

Little Mister Square Eyes

Random thoughts about television and living in Tasmania

One dog said to the other

The mindless thoughts, uninformed opinions and constant whinings of two West Aussie film-makers.

Topical Human

Here are the thoughts and ideas of a human called Stephen Hamilton

Talking Technology with Australian radio and magazines

Welcome to Talking Technology! I'm often rambling about technology in the media via radio and magazine publications. You can find extracts from Talking Technology segments here.

Red Zone

Red things. Not so Red things.

Elementary Funk

Freelancer chewing through marble and granite walls who then starts licking the brain splatter pastiches of comicbook, TV and theatre experiences.


A West Australian based discussion on new media and cross platform development for film, television, games and mobile applications.
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