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Superannuation Blog was established as a means of sharing superannuation knowledge with readers. It contains articles on various aspects of superannuation. Given the complexity of superannuation, Superannuation Blog aims to simplify it by providing free education and information on matters associated with the management of your superannuation for your retirement. With all the changes and new initiatives put in place by the government, we will be providing updates on its impact as it occurs.


SuperBiz is your complete guide to superannuation and retirement planning. An unbiased and non-sponsored product or service free blog with the aim of covering all aspects of superannuation in an easy to understand manner. Also covering all aspects of retirement planning and how to achieve a successful retirement.

Australian Finance

All the latest news on Australian Investing.

Super Guide provides simple, independent superannuation information for all Australians. The site is free to use and you can also subscribe to a free newsletter for the latest tips and news on super. The site is written by Trish Power, an author and journalist who lived a former life as a superannuation tech-head. She is the author of super bible, Superannuation For Dummies, 2nd Edition (Wiley).

Australian Mothers Online

A fantastic new site with regular posts on all things relevant to mothers raising children in Australia. From feeling and looking good, to becoming pro-active in the managing of your familys' (and your own!) finances, to raising healthy, happy children, the articles are informative and informal will get you inspired to act.

The Financial Panther

The Financial Panthers objective is to provide information available for reader comment on topics such as financial planning, superannuation, investing, insurance, saving money and managing debt. The idea is to provide relevant information for investors that is useful and relevant but is also available for comment as in the world of investing there is generally no 100% correct solution.


If you're looking for a different take on financial planning, this is the blog for you. We talk about superannuation, investments and insurance, but we're not afraid of putting our opinions out there. Our main contributor, Jordan Vaka, is a financial planner with more than five years experience in helping people reach their financial goals and take control of their financial situation. We also provide several educational series introducing the basics of superannuation, insurance and investment - with relevant, useful real-life examples.
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