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That Dress is Divine! Fashion/Shopping Blog

A personal blog with a shopping bent: photos, reviews, rants, raves and more! New entries every Wednesday and Sunday.

Individual Chic

Individual Chic is about in individual style, rather than fashion. Individual Chic is what I like, what I wear, and who I am, so welcome.

Boutique Oz

Boutique Oz is a shopping blog for Australian fashionistas. We believe that just because you live in Australia doesn't mean you shouldn't have access to the world's most fabulous on-line shopping. We are dedicated to bringing you beautiful things from on-line shops from around the world that will ship to Australia.

Lace & Stars

An Australian girl's spotlight on pretty things: fashion, accessories, homewares, gifts, stationery, handmade items & more.

A blog about fashion and beauty news from all over the world, with tips, latest it bags, style spotting and much more.

iCiNG at

I write articles & find photographs from all over the world, before whipping the whole lot until the peaks stand up. Its not a push towards consumption, though Im sure some of it will have you reaching for your purse -- the idea is more that it will serve as inspiration & encourage people to try new things. There are so many layers to ones external appearance & I will be covering as much of it as possible. Style & fashion, grooming & products, illumination & ruminations, reviews & advice can all be found here.

I Heart That

All the latest fashion, style, celebrities, and trends.


This Aussie blogger discusses and reports on matters of politics, news, philosophy and more. Aussie Blogs is Aussie made, Blogging Aussie style.


Just moved to Sydney from Vancouver. Now where are the shops? Around The World With One Bra

She started with a jam-packed backpack, and ended with a bra. Read about her round-the-world adventures with a twist...
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