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SMO Sydney (20)

hands-on strategic business transformation from Pete Jeans CEO at SMO Sydney

Intelligent Websites - a project manager and fanatical fan of internet strategies, website design, search engine optimisation and e-commerce.

The Jason Recliner

Marketing and advertising bits and pieces from the reclining armchair of Sydney

think mojo

An Australian ex-pat in London trying to make sense of the place. He also talks about economics, international development and business.

Business Transformation in interactive community for leaders

This is probably Australia's only serious business blogsite on transforming organisations

The Fourth Estate

Mike Walsh's weblog on the future of media

Business Transformation in Australia

Business Transformation in Australia is a serious business blogsite for leaders and their immediate reports.

A geeks journey through an MBA at Melbourne Business School

Why do an MBA? Why not? After a while Java, ANT, BPEL, AJAX, SOA etc gets narrowing. There has to be more. Organisational Congruence, Marketing, Strategy, Comparative Advantage, Public Policy....whoa. I post my notes and thoughts.


Don't be fooled by overly-positive Amazon books reviews. Business book summaries and reviews by a management consultant based in Sydney, Australia.
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