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Living an Authentic Life

Sonia is the founder of Living an Authentic Life. Her calling is to help people live an enriched and authentic life by sharing her experiences, and the wisdom she has learned throughout her own journey of personal growth and self-discovery. The wisdom she has learned echoes authenticity, and so it became apparent to her that authentic living is the only way to live your life if you are ever to find true inner peace.


Shirley Smith is an expert in solving sexual, spiritual, relationship & communication problems. In her blog, Relationships 101, she provides answers to some of the most commonly asked questions for people dealing with addictions, co-addicted relationships and codependency issues. She also writes extensively on the role of spirituality in creating more intimacy with ourselves, and important people in our lives.

Finding the keys: A personal blog

The world of an introspective, thirty something year-old gay man. Includes opinions on current events, queer and pop-culture as well as personal reflections on contemporary life. Based on the Gold Coast.

Robert Elliott Lang

Look,humans are complicated beings I comment on everything,being a vegetarian who manages a pub,teaches kickboxing/MMA,Im your complicated social being!

The Goddess Diaries

Ordinary Australian Woman speaks to her Goddess (and receives a response!)

Journey into Self

Realisations triggered by coaching and life. All from the teachings of Satguru Bodhinatha Veylanswami and Sivaya Subramuniaswami.

A light-hearted and philosophical blog about life in the big city

Reflections on life's contradictions with some social commentary

a reasonable mystic

The visible trail of my journey from reluctant fundamentalism, through evangelical by conviction of Jesus as the only way, charismatic through encounter with the Holy Spirit, postmodern by choice, to protestant mystic as the only sensible response to the presence of God.

Listening 2 God

For those who want together to learn more about hearing God's voice, and how to recognise the voice of God among the many other voices claiming our attention.

Intimate Spirituality

A blog to ponder the link between the intimate union of man and woman and the spiritual link to our Creator.
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