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Slow Your Home

Create the simpler life you want by living with less. I am on a mission: To help you slow down, decide what's important and live a life of contentment, mindfulness and joy. Simple living can give you all that and more!

Simple Living

Simple Living Australia is a financial and lifestyle blog which assists Australians in financial distress. This blog provides readers with tips and information on how to regain control of their finances while simplifying their lifestyle. Find practical ideas on saving money, getting out of debt and making money.

Simple Lives

Join Greg and Sophie, a young couple cycling up Australia to explore simple living. It’s about local food and community gardens, downshifting and DIY building, sustainability and self-sufficiency. But mostly it’s about meeting people and learning from them.

Consumption Rebellion

I started this blog when I decided to not buy anything brand new for an entire year. That year ended in September 2007 and having learned why I buy, I'm now attempting to consume without exploiting.
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