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Australian Stock Market Blog

At the Australian Stock Market Blog I discuss all aspects of investing in Australian shares. Individual companies, listed investment companies, managed funds and superannuation are all covered. Although focused on ASX listed companies, there are also some article relating to more global issues within financial markets.

Les Freeman

Les Freeman's - Free Investor’s guide and reviews find the best business insight. Knowledge is power, get free knowledge and build your business, learn the new investing tactics from Les Freeman, Australia's top investor.

Gary Stone's Journal

I’d like to share my thoughts on the ever changing and always uncertain environment of world markets and the numerous events that influence them.

Hopefully I can challenge the way you think as an investor and give you some insight into the way I think and act as a trader.

By sharing my thoughts, observations and experience with you, I hope we are all inspired to become better at what we think, feel, say and do as both traders and investors.

Mr is my pet blog detailing my share trades. It is part of my share trading project to help me keep on track, focused and on target to reach my 30% increase in six months.

Cashflow Trader Blog

Giving the views and opinions on financial markets and share trading.
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