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101 uses for a John Howard

Even Prime Minister John Howard has got to retire sometime. Our mission is to give something to back by making 101 suggestions for what he can go and do with himself when he finally does.

The Daily Grind

News satire for the nation, the markets and the world updated less than daily by the Daily Grind Network in Sydney, Australia. Features humour, comment, games and video.

lighthearted librarians

its like a blog , i mean it has a web interface you can interact with if you cant figure out the mailing list and lets face it we could use a few jokes :):)

Brave our Burbs

melbourne local government satire fabulous pics cryptic comments

Angry Penguin

A working journalist ruminates and sometimes fumes.

There Aint no Sanity Clause

The blog of Lord Sedgwick of Strathmore (OA, DFC, DSC, VC, KPMG, WTF, IOOF), cartoonist, failed lothario and the One and True Visible Governor General of a proudly independent country, founded by thieves and whores, that swears allegiance to the Head of State of a foreign country.

Sydney Spy

All the culture of Sydney and Sydney University
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