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This is leishBlog, a blog about Leish (as I said, that

Sunrays & Saturdays

A blog about an ordinary life

Single in the City

Tales from a gay guy in Sydney

one empty girl

If you want to, read the tears of a girl getting over being used and the decision she has to make and the return to her glorious self before. No hard language, just something poignant, a self-reflective discovery and learning some lessons of life the hard way.

Ten Postage Stamps

Naked in Brazil with ten postage stamps and no luggage.

Sam and the City: Sucks

An antidote to shoddy pop journalists masquerading as sex therapists. We're here to offer a critical analysis of Samantha Brett's blog on The Age entitled

Stories of Motherhood

A blog on everyday motherhood experiences. I'm in the process of gathering stories from mothers about their life as a mother, i.e., what's life like for them, housework, sex and relationship with spouse after children, impact of having a child, etc.

Sam and the City - Melbourne

Australia's very first dating blog now hits THE AGE!

Cherry Blossom Adventures

An often random and crazy showcase of an Aussie girl's adventures in Japan through writings, photos and pictures and anything else technical she can manage.


Alot of techno babble, rants and raves. That is what this blog is about. Jokes, adult entertainment, serious stuff will all make an apperance.
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