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where's the beef?

The culinary adventures of two (reformed Simpsons-addict) vegetarians in Melbourne.

Grab Your Fork

Helen's gastronomic journey around Sydney and abroad. Food, cooking, travel, and a feast of photos along the way.

I think I have a recipe for that...

My adventure cooking great food every night. We have a budget, lots of cook books, and the inclinations of a foodie. Did I mention we have lots of cookbooks?

Limes & Lycopene

I blog about food - cooking, recipes, the joy and excitement I get from ingredients, but also be about health, cutting through the rubbish, contradictions, misinformation and downright silliness that is out there about health, diet and naturopathy.

The Tuna Ranch

The tuna ranch is about Food, Photography, Macs, Programming and other geeky stuff.

wino sapien

A blog of wine tasting notes, wine trivia, food and wine matches and the occassional book review.

Morsels & Musings

A collection of food and wine experiences, random recipes, restaurant reviews and all things gastronomic.

Stephen Downes

Top Melbourne restaurant reviewer Stephen Downes

Kitchen Wench

A 20-something female working student, learning her way around the kitchen, and filling the stomachs of friends and family one recipe at a time.
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