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Joh Blogs

The reading, writing, teaching, listening, watching,random thoughts of a 40 something regional Victorian mother.

Miscellaneous Adventures of an Aussie Mum

The title pretty much says it all!

Naridu Wondering

20-something melbourne bibliophile

this delicious solitude

A blog about books, reading and writing, with the occasional film thrown in.

Quirky Threads

Life would be so boring without a sewing machine. Sometimes a WAHM, occasionally a WOHM but mostly a SAHM with a love of fine fabric and a passion for all things related to sewing.

Power Read

Speed reading for business success - the average reader does only 300 words a minute.. learn skills to make that 2,000 words a minute


Sarsaparilla is a group blog devoted to discussing books, writing, film and television, theatre and the performing arts, music, publishing, the humanities, reading, cultural studies, and

Resources for Families

Resources for families - parenting, homework help, books and reading, family nutrition

Trevor Hampel

This blog is about writing, books, reading, life as a writer and hints and tips about writing. It includes examples of my writing.


Cylindrical metallic swirls residue of the tooling process. Ecelectic musings from Melbourne.
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