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My Moth and I

The glee in the world written by a gay 20 year old living in Sydney, Australia.


art adventures from the inner wild west imaginings of one grrl and her furry four footed muse. Grrl is open and frank, so faint hearted lovers of cute stuff may not like it. This is very fine with grrl, and dog is mostly grumpy about it too in his old age. Come visit me.

AcidJasmine - Dropping Tabs Of Pop Culture

general viciousness, gay culture, poor taste ,good taste,pop culture,fashion or lack thereof, music, Sydney, gossip, black|twisted|dark humour and conjecture on anything that takes my fancy frankly......

No-necked Monsters

Unfocused observations of life as I see it, and I see mainly films and television, so that is what you'll get.


A pop cultural diatribe with a queer perspective from a Melbourne man and his trusty sidekick Miss Gertie the lady whippet. Expect weekly music reviews, eye candy pics, slanderous comment and loads of other fun bits.

R*Y A N: blogging with a queer bent...

R*Y A N: blogging with a queer bent... is the rants and adventures of a cute - but humble - gay filoboi from the land down under, and contains plenty of pictures of hot, sexy guys for mine and your viewing pleasure. enjoy!


Melbourne guy (originally from Perth) discusses politics, urban planning, public transport and queer issues. Also included are photos of Melbourne and cartoons featuring a guy named Billy.
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