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Confessions of a Bunbury girl

Im 22, married, a mum to six month old Logan and we live in the South West of Western Australia. This is a blog of my thoughts on certain issues whether they be local, national or international. It also includes various photographs that I have taken in my travels. I hope you enjoy my musings and check back often to see new posts.


Some of Kathie's favourites photos, some old, some new - I love photography but don't always get the time to pursue it. For all that, I think my photos are reasonable.

post it notes

just a girl trying to find her way in the world

I like me some Huge Peanuts!

Hot men. Pop culture. I can't think of a 3rd topic

Naked Chronicles

An Aussie in Kenya for a year working as a volunteer with street children, and his thoughts, challenges and tribulations...

The Agis

Updates from the AGI household


This is basically just the ramblings that make up my life. From photography, to technology, music and whatever else pops into my head.


Nothing much of interest.
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