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Matt Didcoe

a weblog that rambles about PHP, Rails, MySQL & Standards as well as everyday life.

Papertrap [dot] net

Mark's interesting journal. Mostly stuff that happens to me, and some stuff that happens to people I know.

kay lives here

Kay is a web developer in Perth, Western Australia. She rants here, mostly about ColdFusion and Fusebox, when the mood takes her, which as you can see is not all that often.

enter the goatlady

neither my first nor only blog; a place to be myself and post all the weirdo stuff that doesn't belong anywhere else.

Frugal Bastard

I'm known as a tight bastard, careful with my money etc, etc. So I'm using a free blog site and am going to share my thoughts with you all on a more regular basis. Come and visit often!! There will be political comment, satire, sillyness galore and maybe even some insight. Very rarely though. Also known as a capitalist pig bastard.

zombiecoder kay

an oddly-named blog about web-building with standards in mind

Miles' Blog

Miles Burke's thoughts and ramblings on the web industry, small business, marketing and design.
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