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What's So Great about Perth?

Ask any non-Western Australian what they think of Perth, and you’ll most likely hear adjectives like “boring”, “quiet” or even – gasp – “dead”. This blog’s mission is to uncover all of what makes Perth, in fact, a great city: from its natural beauty to its cuisine to its people – all from the perspective of this newly arrived American.

perth tastebuds blog - inside goss on Perth's restaurants,cafes and bars

A blog of Perth's restaurants, cafes, and bars - simple reviews of good places to eat breakfast, lunch and dinner. We are not posh foodies, just normal people who write our experiences of dining in Perth.

Glutton Dressed As Lamb

A blog shared by 2 friends on food and the shameless gluttony that follows these 2 wherever they go! Lots of experimental recipes, restaurant and product reviews and reports of misadventure in the garden.

The Hub

This is the hub for all of the blogs. All will be posted here, when other blogs from adsonvids are updated, when we have a specific blog post to which we want to draw your attention, or when there is special news for you from adsonvids.

Video Marketing

There is more to effective video marketing than just slapping video content up on your web pages and dropping them into YouTube. Yet, using video to get your message across is highly effective, because the average attention span of a web visitor can be measured in seconds. At adsonvids we have developed a well crafted video marketing approach. This blog will illustrate effective and ineffective uses of video advertising for business, plus present industry news related to video communication.


Watch this space for excellent blogging tips to give your blogs internet visibility, effectiveness as a marketing tool and to bring you 'how to' tips about blogging. We will also be presenting some examples of great blogs, from which to glean fresh ideas for your business.


Australian Escort review guide and directory. Includes reviews, directory to locate escorts in Australia, escort blogs, chat rooms, educational wiki and forums.

Personal blog of Cellobella

Redsultana is the personal blog of a working mum in Perth, Australia. Cellobella works in the mainstream media full-time but amazingly :) has a life outside of it which she shares on her blog.

Getting Down Under - Emigrate to Australia with those who have already done it!

A Blog about the wonders of living life down under. Written by a British ex pat who's loving the new country he now calls home. Provides advice and guidance for those also wanting to make the big move down under.
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