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It's not about the ultimate destination but the journey you take and all the bumpy pot holes along the way.Erotica with a little bite, sex & the intellectual,social and personal, with a little chaos thrown in.

diogenesian discourse

The keyboard is mightier than the machine gun... The political, philosophical and general outpourings of a troubled soul living in Australia and blogging his Vietnam veteran's head off.


online journal, blog, ventspace. whatever. not be cause i want, but because i need.

Sherdie in Brisvegas

Follow the adventures of Sherd as she finds out what this living in Brisbane business is all about

i am rebecca

personal blog by rebecca. trying to find balance within myself and accepting that i am enough.

Confessions of a Serial Dancer

The daily musings, rants and random events of a young girl's life. Dancer, student, dreamer. These are her confessions.

Crapping on about whatever I feel like

Sometimes personal stuff, sometimes opinions and observations on the news and life in general, and sometimes just any old crap

Semantically driven

Writing about me, my son, my life (parts of it), my dog, my thoughts, stuff around me, my family history and my travels done in a previous life.

Daily Zone 1&2 Confession

Melbourne Train Girl takes the train. And sometimes the tram and the bus as well. She is the girl in the corner seat wondering if the boy by the window will say hello.

one foot down the rabbit hole

A personal blog, but not one of those boring ones that outlines every detail of what was eaten for breakfast. Unless the breakfast was particuarly interesting - perhaps it involved exploding baked beans or a kitchen burning down.
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