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Michael Visser

Emerging news and featured achievements within the Internet, marketing and creative community.

Pickled Eel

Travelogue and diary and journal extracts though with other themes creeping in.


snarking my head off - refined and random rantings on topics diverse, inane and plentiful


Personal blog of a Trainee Production Manager at an Indigenous community radio station.

The personal blog of Shai Coggins, part of b5media, writer, problogger, artist and businesswoman with a Masters Degree in Applied Psychology.

James Oppenheim's blog showcases the writing and Web design of James Oppenheim.

Renovate Your Life with Craig

If you're genuinely ready to change, and you want to move from mediocre to amazing, then pull up a seat.


A Wild Young Under-Whimsy

In which the random, trashy, pop-cultural musings of Mel are displayed in all their superficial glory.

Cranial Vomit

Direct from Perth, Australia - words spewed from grum's speech giving headhole to your seeing goo-filled skull balls.
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