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Personal and political from a husband, father and owner of 2 cats.

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Motivational Speaker

Craig Harper is a leading motivational speaker and educator. He is a highly sought-after corporate coach and is considered to be a leader and pioneer in the areas of personal and professional development.

Anatomy of Frustration

Discover Strategies for Transforming Frustration into Opportunities & Unlocking the Power to Succeed.

My Journey To Eliminate Debt

I wasted a lot of money trying to make money online. I came to my senses and now my goal is to pay my $152,377 mortgage in 5 years: 30th June 2012. I blog to stay motivated. Stop by some time and say hello!

Peepholes into my Life

Just a personal blog about my life


self defence, martial arts,exercise, yoga, use of martial arts in dance and performance.

Advice and Rants

Advice and rants on how to be happier, relax, have fun, lose weight, be healthy, save and earn more money, and anything else I feel like!

The Cerebral Mum

A blog. By a mum. Who thinks. About everything. Always.

Semantically driven

A web professional by day, a blogger by night. Blogging about blogging, parenting, and everyday living in Australia.
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