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Women Love Tech

Women Love Tech is a smart blog for techno-savvy women who want to know the latest app in fashion, travel, health, lifestyle or beauty. But also the blog covers techno news, social media tips, cool gadgets and much more. Women Love Tech is the only blog on Internet covering technology lifestyle for women. Women Love Tech is a blog designed for cutting edge women, a blog to empower women via accessible technology, no geeky talk :)

Think about these issues

Probing individuals to think and reflect on issues in their lives and the wider society

Adventure Australia

The Australian scientific, cultural, political and social environment. Australia's interaction in world affairs. Current activities and happenings in Australia. Keep up to date with Australian news and current affairs! Get a view on the news. Blog also contains Funny Animal Photos.

Mobsol life

Comments on current events and news impacting the lives and world of the aged or disabled. Regular update of changing Home Health Care technology and a watchful eye on political actions likely to effect the disadvantaged.

Friends Of Downunder

This is my Anzac blog dealing with news and information relating to New Zealand and Australia. This is also a group blog which others could contribute to and comment on. I'm based in Wellington, New Zealand. The blog has been operating for well over a year.


The WriteSmart blog aims to inform and inspire budding writers and avid readers by providing: writing tips and an insight into the freelance writing industry; author interviews, profiles and articles (including practical advice); news and media commentary; plus the occasional philosophical musing drawn from an 18-year career of working with words.

Stuart Edwards' New World Order Resistance Blog

The agenda for a global government, the truth behind the lies in the mainstream media, the depopulation agenda, the carbon tax scam, humans do not cause global warming, mankind does not cause global warming, bilderberg, trilateral commission, CFR, Obama, Sustainable Development, Water, Fluoridation, fluoride, Vaccines, poisons in vaccines, dumbing down, predictive programming, NLP, debasing humanity, Illuminati agenda, Banksters, Engineered financial collapse

Confessions of a Perth PsychoCat

Confessions of a Perth PsychoCat is designed to give an alternative take on everything happening in Perth. Whether it be politics, social issues, art or culture, Perth PsychoCat presents to you an alternative view that is rarely, if ever, seen in Western Australia's increasingly notorious one-sided media.

Perth PsychoCat calls it how they see it and pulls no punches. If you want a raw, honest view of what Perth is really like, then look no further.

Mind The Gap

A very funny satirical blog about Australian news, current events, politics and entertainment. Sydney's most popular A4 commuter magazine.

Women of History

Blog dedicated to women, worldwide, making history - featuring articles and news.
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