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The Writers Manifesto Blog

A blog designed to help you make money by writing. Contains many useful resources and hints, as well as articles and more.

InvestEd - Wealth Education for Australian Investors

InvestEd provides articles, news, information, education, and one of Australia's best investing discussion forums.

Forex Trading Log

A blog about forex trading, making money by trading international currency through the internet. Regularly updated, it acts as a journal of forex market movements from a traders' perspective. It discusses the sources of market movements from business influences to political or economic information. Forex stands for FOReign EXchange.

Make Money Selling on eBay

Helpful tips to help make money selling on ebay


Backpacking community

The High Seas

I want to sail around oz, this blog is my journey from now until launch date and beyond. I'll be blogging about sailing and about how I'm going about generating a passive income, and just general thoughts on life.

Secrets to eBay

eBay Seller Advice. Learn how to create your own successful eBay selling business. eBay Selling Success SECRETS Blog

Alborz Fallah | Blogging Network

The Main network hub of the Alborz Fallah blogging network. A website dedicated to talking about the behind the scenes work involved in running 3 professional blogs, the benefits, the costs and the profits! Based in Australia


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