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NeoNeighbourhood - Stop Searching. Find.

A guide to the best in cities around the world: eating, shopping, music, design, books and much more - for people who prefer the path less travelled and who cherish innovation, quality and wit

Make Money Diary

Make Money Diary provides a Personal Diary of one way to make money Investing in the Australian Stock Exchange.

Making Money + self improvement opportunities in Australia

Seminars around Australia which can make you money and improve yourself. I have personally been to some of these.

Finance Viewpoint

Australian finance ideas and views

Financial Blog

A financial blog dedicated to discussing such topics as financial planning, asset allocation, payday loans, cash flow, budgeting, cash advances, insurance etc.

Craig Childs

Full-time blogging, social networks, audio production and music.

Advice and Rants

Advice and rants on how to be happier, relax, have fun, lose weight, be healthy, save and earn more money, and anything else I feel like!

Road to Mega Millions

watch me become a gazillionaire!

Enwiikopedia - the pay-to-edit encyclopedia

Enwikopedia is a 'paid' encyclopedia. What this means is that every available page can be purchased. The owner of the page is then able to do as they please, subject to our terms and conditions - of course!.

The Abundance Highway is dedicated to helping people move beyond
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