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A progressive perspective from Perth on matters political (be they state, national or world) and the media.

The Express

Australian news site focusing on politics and international current affairs with an eye to bloggers in the region

/ / j e n i u s

Food/Photography Blog and Design Portfolio (Sydney, Australia).

Sign Language

Opinionating over the cultural landscape

The Fourth Estate

Mike Walsh's weblog on the future of media


The seedy underbelly of Australian politics, media and society.


Arts news, exhibitions, events, biennials and conferences, calls, resources and opportunities, technical information, exhibitions and reviews. International safer printmaking. Australian contemporary art.


Musings on contemporary art issues. Net art, blogging, internet resources and anything else that comes up. Would you like kaas with that?

Mighty Pen, Plastic Sword

A less than salubrious collection of thoughts from a man best described as less than salubrious.

Talking Technology with Australian radio and magazines

Welcome to Talking Technology! I'm often rambling about technology in the media via radio and magazine publications. You can find extracts from Talking Technology segments here.
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