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Rent or Hiring a Apple Macbook?Apple products are the latest craze. Their popularity is soaring, so it might be time to get a brand new sleek MacBook Air or the stylish MacBook Pro. If you are after a less portable and more powerful computer you may even consider the iMac Desktop Computer. The Apple computers are one of the most popular items that Delta Rentals stocks. They are the first choice for many, many new customers. Apple Macbook Air 11��� starts at just $25 per week. While the more popular 13��� model starts at $27 per week.The Apple Macbook Pro on the other hand starts at $27 per week for the 13��� model.iMac Computers start at $29 per week.For iPad rental prices, just give us a call because there are too many models to mention!All our products come with full warranty over the rental period. They are all Brand New and come with the latest software updates and packages already downloaded and installed.Apple offer a wide range of products in the computer sector, however they also offer the very versatile iPad. Delta Stocks both the newest models of iPads, the iPad Air and the iPad Mini. Which one you go for is up to you. The iPad has long been a fore-runner and indeed a pioneer in the tablets category and so if you are after a more portable and smaller alternative to that chunky laptop you have been carrying around and don���t need the full functionality of a computer, an iPad is definitely something to consider.So if you are looking to rent an Apple Macbook pro, an Apple Macbook Air, or any Mac Rentals, then Delta Rentals should be your first stop. We have a team of 5 full time technicians working each and every day helping out our customers with whatever issues they may have. When you rent an Apple product through Delta, we set it up from A-Z and everything you could wish for is taken care of for you. So when you bring the Mac home it is ready to go as soon as you are.The Apple MacBook Pro an Air are definitely the most popular thing out and about at Universities and Schools alike. With more and more institutions catering for the Macs and Schools beginning to request them, it seems as though they are a must have from students.Apple Products are also fast becoming a first choice for many businesses. They are particularly handy for the graphic design and media producing industries. At Delta We can set up your entire business with complete equipment, backups and networking. Everything is covered with easy weekly rental payments which are often tax deductible. We offer the flexibility to upgrade if your needs change during the rental period. We constantly see businesses in every stage of their life choose Delta for their Apple needs.