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Life in London

An Aussie's piss take on the English and Australian way of life

The Girl Who Came In From The Cold

Mental meanderings of an English girl living in Australia.


Born and raised in a coal shed in the North of England, my earliest memories are of playing with the family whippet (my only friend!) and eating nowt but gravel.'Twas a hard life but we was happy. In June 2005, lured by the promise of lemon trees, parrots and a thing called

The Road Most Travelled

22 years old, moving quickly to Normalville. Who wants a hubby, two kids and a white picket fence? I do!

Dirty Minds Think Alike

A males sexual thoughts.

Kitchen Connection

G'day! Pull up a chair! Join me at the kitchen table for a chat...let's toss a few thoughts around about the state of this crazy but wonderful world we inhabit. There's lots to discuss! Make yourself comfortable! Would you like a glass of wine?


Cynicism in a Hot Dish

Cherry Blossom Adventures

An often random and crazy showcase of an Aussie girl's adventures in Japan through writings, photos and pictures and anything else technical she can manage.


Alot of techno babble, rants and raves. That is what this blog is about. Jokes, adult entertainment, serious stuff will all make an apperance.

Sam and the City

Witty banter about dating, love, relationships and sex, anchored on the Sydney Morning Herald website, written by Australian author, journalist and media personality Samantha Brett
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