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Passion through Poetry

Passion through Poetry is an inspirational blog combining free verse poetry with photography. The aim of my blog and writing is to reach into my heart and tap into my own emotions, if it touches another heart, I consider my joy complete.

Wake Up Tiger

In a world dominated by rational goals and common sense, we have not only forgotten to listen to our heart, we have forgotten how to listen to our heart. In other words, our Tiger is asleep. This blog is dedicated to waking up the tiger in each of us.

Reservoir Dad - Home Of The Mentally Sexy Contest

A humorous blog written by a stay-at-home-Dad featuring The Search For Australia's Most Mentally Sexy Dad competition.

Managing Moments on Life's Journey

Charlotte Thaarup-Owen's blog about mindfulness and her observations on how to apply it to life.

Managing Moments on Life's Journey

Articles about mindfulness and Charlotte's observations on applying it to life.

Domestic Daze

An occassional diary about life, and the funny side to it. Living and sharing the concept of when life is being harsh or boring, offering a large rasberry straight back as a great option.

Single in the City

Tales from one single gay guy in Sydney looking for happiness and long lasting love.
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