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Happy Antipodean

Book reviews, event news, commentary from Down Under


A literary weblog with an Australian slant.

Soul Sphincter

expat australian living in arctic sweden doing phd in digital literature. plays didge. travels rough.

Intersecting Lines

An unliterary literary blog.


We piss on your isms.

The Cuckoo's Nest

Politics, literature, popular culture, and those sneaky finks in the mainstream media, from the world's most liveable city: Melbourne, Australia

A Fugitive Phenomenon

Australian literature: news, gossip, analysis, op ed and various other non-impartial and incomplete personal views from writer and critic Kerryn Goldsworthy

you cried for night

A librarian's blog about literature with an annotated blogroll of US, UK, Australian and other literature websites

Pavlov's Cat

What if Pavlov had used a cat instead? Pavlov's Cat: an independent view.

Media Dragon

A Bohemian infomaniac blogging in Sydney about iron ceilings, irony and much more. Inside the cyberspace, we are all winners as blogs provide a filter against information overload. The real glory is being knocked to your knees by information overload and then coming back.
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