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discontent malcontent

Fourth year university student who likes/hates film a bit too much. Many incoherent ramblings.

Naridu Wondering

20-something melbourne bibliophile

reeling and writhing

Genevieve Tucker's literature blog, formerly known as You Cried for Night. Books, writing, new media, publishing, library stuff.

this delicious solitude

A blog about books, reading and writing, with the occasional film thrown in.


Pop Culture, Poetry and the Modern Condition

Eglantine's Cake

Penni Russon is a fiction author and editor, living in Melbourne's inner North. She blogs about writing, life, music, her kids, and the great, nebulous, gravitational force in all our lives: stuff.

adelaide sprawls: a blogopera

blogopera: it's fiction with a touch of fact

Roger Really

A blend of politics and film analysis with sparks of philosophy and literature. All in service of shaping the Real from the darkness.

Mighty Pen, Plastic Sword

A less than salubrious collection of thoughts from a man best described as less than salubrious.


Blog by Sydneysider Renai LeMay on all things cinema and literature.
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