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Sydney life

I dont like it

The normal collection of stuff from a girl who blogs to pass the time while at work. This blog isn't actually about stuff I don't like...I am really a very happy person.

The personal blog of Shai Coggins, part of b5media, writer, problogger, artist and businesswoman with a Masters Degree in Applied Psychology.

Secret Hill

Secret Hill is just my take on living in Australia. I am a transplanted 'Pom', living in the forested hills just outside Perth. This is a complete change of lifestyle for me and I am trying to document my days.

Nezalezhnosti. Kyiv. Ukraine

The experiences of a girl from Brisbane, Australia tackling life in the Former Soviet Union: she's living in Kyiv, Ukraine. She has to deal with babushkas, dyedushkas, dyevushkas in killer stilettos, and eating lots of pork and mushrooms.

Writing, the good, the bad, the ugly.

Musings on writing; the process, the foibles and frustrations and of course, humourous ramblings.


A Sad Geek living in Fremantle...

Life as we know it ..

We are a young family of four living in WA away from all our family, come join us as we battle through the tests of parenting, living away from your loved ones, exploring new places, share the love for our children & have a laugh

Grim Tales Of My Life

A Short Blog about my life for everyone, anyone and no-one to read...

ipod says

when ipod talks, i listen
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